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Primary Care Training Hub

  • Below we have provided some of the core information that will help you in establishing the workforce to deliver a PCN Covid-19 Community Vaccination Hub.

  • Training and Education

    The table below provides an overview of the training required for each role depending on experience.

    E-learning and Training Product Links

    The PDF document below provides a list of each of the training products outlined above. It also provides links to the online E-learning modules and documents for reading.

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    Covid-19 Vaccination Programme: Training Matrix and Pathways

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    Workforce & Training Workstream – Workforce and Training Toolkit

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    Workforce & Training Workstream – Training Mobilisation Matrix

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    Tracking e-learning completed on the e-Learning for Healthcare platform

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    Important Changes to the Statutory and Mandatory Training for External Hires

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    Vaccinator Training Checklists

    Below are two checklists that you may want to issue to your trained and untrained vaccinators to ensure that they complete all of the required training.

    Trained vaccinators

    Untrained vaccinators

    Onboarding Checklist Guidance for Local Teams

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    Face to Face IM Injection Training

    If any of your staff require face to face IM Training updates, we are offering a number of sessions in either Wimborne or Dorchester which are available for PCN staff to attend. Please email the Primary Care Training Hub at TrainingHub@OurDorset.nhs.uk if you have staff who require this and we will endeavour to get them a place on the locally provided update. Please find current dates below.

    December: 15th, 16th, 17th, 21st & 23rd

    All training above will be at Sentinel House in Poole. Further dates and locations will follow.

    Considerations for the Regions

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    Action Cards

    Registrant Vaccinators Covid Vaccination Action Cards can be accessed below if helpful within your PCN.

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    Vaccination Induction Pack

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    Induction Checklist

    We have produced an outline checklist and document that you can amend and use for the onsite onboarding of someone working within your PCN site for the purposes of covid-19 vaccinations.

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    Guidance for Healthcare workers

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    Competency Assessment Tool

    It is suggested that all clinicians complete this competency assessment tool, even if they are trained and experienced immunisers, it will be quick and easy to complete for those who are experienced and because of the bringing together of different staff from across different organisations, this can provide clinical supervisors with assurance of competence in covid-19 immunisations.

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    COVID-19 IT Training Systems Toolkit 

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  • Recruitment

    Workforce Gap Tool

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    Please complete and return this tool to the Training Hub email address asap so we can assess the workforce gaps you predict in your rota to deliver the vaccination programme. This is not the method to request staff, this is for us to assess which PCNs have gaps in start up and for us to support you with filling those gaps. You will then need to make requests on an ongoing basis to fill workforce gaps as highlighted below.

    Once you have completed this initial tool we will contact you to help support you.

    If you have no gaps please submit a nil return.

    Job Descriptions

    Although in PCNs you might not be working to Agenda for Change, it might be helpful to use these job descriptions as a guide to what duties, skills, experience and competence is required for each role.

    RHCP Clinical Supervisor – Band 6

    Front of House / Reception – Band 2

    Healthcare Assistant – Band 3

    Health Care Professional – Band 5

    (Admin) Support – Band 3

    Workforce Modelling and Role Outlines

    Some further information on the numbers of specific roles required per POD for all models including PCN sites.

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    Workforce Tool Kit

    The document below is useful to provide a variety of information in relation to Workforce delivery models, national supply, mobilisation and more information on training.

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    Requesting Non-Medical workers at Dorset System Level

    If you have gaps in your rota in order to provide vaccinations in your PCN model we have arranged for a variety of additional non-medical workforce to be set up with Bank Agreements via Dorset Health Care University Trust. The indemnity, pre employment checks, employment agreements and training will all have been provided by Dorset Health Care. You will be required to provide on-site induction when they arrive.

    This central supply of non-medical bank workers will be registered via the Dorset Health Care bank (not via Lantum as originally planned). You will be able to request vacant shifts in your rota by completing a proforma document and submitting it to the Primary Care Training Hub who will pass your request to Dorset Health Care.

    Invoices will be sent to you for the work that these workers complete on a monthly basis and will be charged based on their hourly rate plus on costs (Tax, NI, Holiday etc).

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    Requesting Medical workers via Lantum
    If you should require medical workforce to support your PCN Community Vaccination Hub they should be requested via Lantum in the usual way you are used to by placing vacant shifts on to the roster that will be set up for each Hub once they are established.

    Rates of Pay

    Rates of pay for non-medical workforce will be in accordance with agenda for change. The pay point in the band for each individual will vary depending on their skills and experience. As a guide the pay rates per hour for the bands are below.

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    The rate of pay for a GP Locum for this work is still being confirmed.

    Payrates and enhancements for HCAs and Vaccinators

    The rates of pay for these roles can be found below.

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    Accessing additional GP support:

    The Training Hub is building a bank of Locum GPs on the Our Dorset Passport (Lantum) who have completed the required training and are ready to fill gaps in rotas across Dorset.

    To access these Locum GPs each site will require a dedicated COVID Vaccination account.  There are no fees involved for using the Our Dorset Passport and it is very quick to get set up and started.

    • We will need to know who will need access to the account in order to upload the sessions you need filling and run reports etc.
    • We will need the address for the site where the sessions will be based
    • We will need to know who invoices need to go to for paying the Locum GPs
    • All GP Locum sessions to support COVID Vaccinations set at nationally agreed rate of pay

    Additional support from the Our Dorset Passport:

    Through your dedicated COVID Vaccination account you can set up digital rotas to support all vaccinations including all roles and existing staff.

    You can create rotas to cover all sessions for all staff types and we can help upload existing staff to the system to ensure they can all be added to the rota.  A “skip” process can be used for existing staff removing the need to documentation to be uploaded.

    These rotas sit separate from other parts of the system and your workforce and the rotas will not be visible to anyone else.

    When your rota team identify a gap in the rota they are already in the right system to find support from our Locum GPs.

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    Additional Support Available from Volunteer Marshalls

    The CCG has been working with CANa local infrastructure charity for the voluntary and community sector provides the volunteering centre/hub  for the BCP area and Volunteer Centre Dorset to make an offer to PCNs in respect of helping to support recruitment of Volunteer Marshalls for Covid19 vaccination clinics. To see what type tasks volunteers can assist with please see the role description here.

    If you would like more information on how to access this support, please email TrainingHub@OurDorset.nhs.uk   marking the header “Covid-19 Volunteer Marshalls Support Enquiry”.

    Detained estate accessing the National Workforce Supply Routes

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  • Procedures


    Operational guidance: vaccination of frontline health and social care workers

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    Deploying medical students

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    Covid-19 Vaccination Centres: Information and guidance on setting up and managing the booking capacity of each vaccination centre

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    Site readiness and assurance process

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    Covid-19 local vaccination services deployment in community settings

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    Covid-19 vaccination programme: onboarding components

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    Health and Wellbeing (HWB) of Vaccinators

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    COVID-19 Top tips for staff managing challenging behaviours in vaccination sites

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    COVID-19 Top tips for volunteers managing challenging behaviours in vaccination sites

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