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Primary Care Training Hub

  • Our digital vision is that we commit to delivering the right information to the right person, in the right place and at the right time.

    Follow the link below and watch the Our Dorset Digital video to discover more about the role of digital in healthcare.

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  • Long Term Condition Supported Self Management

    Please find below Long Term Condition Supported Self Management programme useful training resources.

    myCOPD – powered by My mHealth

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  • Population Health Management

    Population Health Management (PHM)  is helping us understand our current and future health and care requirements so we can tailor better care and support and provide more joined up and sustainable health and care services and make better use of public resources.

    To understand more about Population Health Management please visit the PHM Academy website via the link below.

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    Please click below to view the PHM Academy’s webinar dates. To book a place please contact Charlotte Webster at charlotte.webster@dorsetccg.nhs.uk

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  • Our Dorset Digital Trainings and Events

    Follow the links below to discover more and book a place for the upcoming Our Dorset Digital trainings and events.

    Thursday 17th June 2021: 12 -12.30

    Introduction to Asthma Training – Events Calendar (primarycaredorset.co.uk)

    Monday 21st June 2021: 1 – 1:30

    Introduction to Asthma Training – Events Calendar (primarycaredorset.co.uk)

    Wednesday 30th June 2021 12 -12.30

    Introduction to Asthma Training – Events Calendar (primarycaredorset.co.uk)

    Wednesday 14th July 2021: 12.30-13.45

    Person centred digital care: what is it and how can we support its development?  – Events Calendar (primarycaredorset.co.uk)

    Wednesday 8th September 2021: 12.30-13.45

    Improving population health through person centred digital care  – Events Calendar (primarycaredorset.co.uk)

  • Our Dorset Passport

    The Our Dorset Passport is powered by our partners Lantum and provides a digital solution for managing workforce.  Opportunities for PCNs and practices include:

    • Advertising and filling GP Locum shifts
    • Mobilising existing workforce across a PCN
    • Managing rotas across the PCN including hot and cold hubs for example

    For the year 2019 to 2020, over 23,500 sessions were posted on the passport across all services with an average fill rate above 60% and rising.

    Access and use of the Passport for Dorset PCNs and Practices is completely free and support is available to get set up and maximise it’s potential.

  • Digital Ready Workforce

    Our Digital Ready Workforce programme will bring people together to develop a culture that recognises the need to innovate and the role of digital in that innovation.  We want to help all PCN and Practice colleagues become comfortable enough with digital tools that they can contribute to transforming the way we work and delivering outcomes quicker, easier, safer and at a higher level of quality.

    The programme will offer a variety of support which can be tailored by PCN and will include, education sessions, peer learning sessions, coaching, mentoring and culture development to name a few examples.  All support will be linked to the new Dorset Digital Academy which is currently in development.

    PCNs and Practices can access training to support online consultation, eConsult, eHubs, Dorset Digital App Library and more.

  • Working with the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health (ORCHA) digital Apps library and the Dorset ICS delivery group to support the roll out of the library across primary care.  This will include supporting with access and training to maximise the opportunities.

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  • Dorset Care Record

    For more information about the DCR, training, resources and support please visit:


  • We have now added a further 7 dates to the calendar over the next 3 months (effectively now delivering the webinar on a weekly basis). Anyone wishing to book a space on the 30 minute webinar needs to email dcrtraining@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk with their name, job title and preferred slot.

    Available dates and times as follows:

    • Wednesday 26th May @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 2nd June @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 9th June @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 16th June @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 23rd June @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 30th June @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 7th July @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 14th July @ 1200 hrs
    • Wednesday 21st July @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 28th July @ 1200 hrs
    • Wednesday 4th August @ 1300 hrs
    • Wednesday 11th August @ 1300 hrs

    The training is now accessible via Dorset Council’s Thrive app as well:

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  • To access useful resources and further information, please visit our Digital Support page at the link below.

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