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Sleep Well, Live Well

10 November 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

As basic or routine as sleep is, it is an important pillar of health and wellbeing. Adequate sleep keeps us recharged and ready for the next day, but insufficient sleep only leaves us dull and tired. These may sound like consequences we can manage, but the dangers of not getting enough sleep can be a lot more serious. In doubt? Here are some key stats:

  • More than one-third of UK adults said that sleeping poorly had made them feel more anxious
  • 45% of UK adults said poor sleep over the previous month had made them feel more stressed and overwhelmed
  • 16% of vehicle accidents in the UK are sleep-related

Course Content

Seminar 1: Why is sleep important?

  • Why do we sleep?, Sleep Science, Sleep Friends
  • Circadian Rhythms, How much sleep do we need?
  • Benefits of sleep, Stages of sleep, Sleep hygiene,


Seminar 2: Sleep – lifestyle routines and sleep association

  • Lifestyle, caffeine, diet, activity, napping.
  • Night time routines, Wind down routines.
  • Sleep cues and sleep associations, sleep environment.


Seminar 3: Sleep and anxiety

  • Sleep attitudes and beliefs, anxiety & worry,
  • Tips for managing a busy mind,
  • Pre bed routine, wind down routines, creating the opportunity for sleep

Why participate?

  • To understand the health benefits of good sleep
  • Get to grips with sleep hygiene, lifestyle factors, environmental factors, etc.
  • Learn wind down routines to help you sleep faster
  • Learn how to manage being ‘tired but wired’
  • Break the vicious cycle of sleep and anxiety
  • Learn how to manage a busy mind
  • Don’t be part of the two-thirds of the UK population who aren’t getting enough sleep!



No registration required! Simply join each session on time using this MS Teams link: https://rb.gy/1zaswn

Note: Each session is a standalone event, so feel free to dip in and out. You can attend all seminars or select the one(s) that appeals most to you.