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Primary Care Training Hub

  • Workforce Planning

    Workforce planning can often take many different forms.  Our approach is to enable practices and PCNs to plan the workforce they need to meet service development and delivery plans.

  • Why plan for your workforce?

    The GP contract for 2020/2021 – 2023/2024 has introduced the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme. This scheme will introduce 13 new roles into Primary Care and is funding an unprecedented growth in the workforce.  Planning for all these new roles into the Primary Care workforce is going to be critical.

    To find out more about the additional roles and the reimbursement scheme, visit our Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme where you will find information against the roles which we are currently adding as these roles are being recruited to or planned for.

    If you don’t find what you were looking for, or would like to make some suggestions about what additional resources you would like to see – or to request support with other areas of work under this scheme – please email traininghub@ourdorset.nhs.uk.

    Some additional resources have also been created across all roles which relate to recruitment for these roles ie conducting virtual interviews. These can be found at Retention and Recruitment.

    Planning for your workforce will help you at any time to ensure that you have the right skills in place to meet your population health needs as well as develop a plan to help with succession and retention challenges.

  • Our approach to planning for your workforce

    • Understand the workforce that you have – find your workforce data here.
    • Consider all the different elements that are changing what you need to do as a PCN or Practice
      • what does your population health information and changes in the local area mean for your workforce?
      • What new services do you want or need to deliver now and in the future and what will that mean for your workforce?
      • Are you planning any new buildings or technology – will this have implications for the skills and workforce you need?
    • Evolution – inevitably plans change and workforce needs change – so workforce plans need to evolve and be refreshed on an ongoing basis

  • PCN Workforce Leads

    All Primary Care Networks have identified a workforce lead.  The role of the ‘lead’ is to develop and maintain the PCN workforce planning and to ensure that the Primary Care Workforce Collection tool is accurate at the PCN level.  Workforce leads are supported by the workforce planning team in the CCG and the Primary Care Training Hub and will support one another through a Community of Practice.

  • Workforce Planning Tools

    A Primary Care workforce planning toolkit has been developed for each Primary Care Network. The template version is currently under review.

    To request a copy of your PCN toolkit when available, please contact: Tina.Collinson@dorsetccg.nhs.uk