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Primary Care Training Hub

  • During these challenging times, managing the impact of COVID-19, the Primary Care Training Hub (previously Primary Care Workforce Centre) are offering PCNs and practices additional HR Support.  Below you will find a list of the support available along with helpful links to resources and sources of the most up to date information and guidance.

    To access the support offered or ask COVID19 related HR questions please contact us at traininghub@ourdorset.nhs.uk.

  • Here for Each Other: an enhanced staff wellbeing service for Dorset

    Functioning well as members of overworked health and social care teams during this pandemic is challenging for us all. Teams are doing fabulous work round the clock, making sure that people living in Dorset accessing services get the best care possible.

    Care givers often find it hard to seek help for themselves, thinking they should be coping, or that other people’s needs come first. But seeking help at this time is not a sign of failure. It is a necessary way of topping up the engine so that the car can keep moving forward.

    We are here to support staff

    Our Dorset – Dorset’s Integrated Care System – wants to make sure that everything possible is being done to support staff who might forget to look after themselves while prioritising everybody else’s needs.

    Dorset is one of only 14 ICS teams across the country to have secured national funding to provide “Here For Each Other” – an enhanced wellbeing offer for the staff working tirelessly in:

    • Acute hospitals
    • Adult social care
    • Ambulance service
    • Community hospitals and services
    • Councils
    • Primary care

    “Here For Each Other” complements and enhances the staff wellbeing support already in place within each partner organisation.

    Staff can access support easily, in one of two ways:

    • The website: click here for advice and guidance from trusted sources to help staff manage their own wellbeing. It also signposts staff to their employer’s existing support systems.
    • The Wellbeing Hub: any member of staff working in one of the organisations listed above can call 01202 130130 or email via the online referral form to discuss how “Here For Each Other” could help them with some bespoke 1-1 support. The Wellbeing Hub has coaches and clinicians trained in mental and physical health. They are available to listen in a non-judgemental way and, if needed, suggest ways of accessing further support. Support ranges from wellbeing coaching to physiotherapy, counselling, psychological therapy and mental health, and from gentle hand-holding to a complete overhaul. The Hub team is available 8am-8pm, seven days a week and at other times by request.

    How to contact the Wellbeing Hub

    Anyone can refer themselves to the Wellbeing Hub, on 01202 130130 or via the online referral form. The phone line is staffed from 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

    Managers can refer individual team members or request support sessions for a whole team.

    Referrals will be acknowledged within 48 hours and a preliminary conversation or assessment will take place within seven working days of the acknowledgment.

  • Free Virtual Coaching For Staff Supporting Primary Care

    Individual coaching support is available for staff supporting primary care via an offer called #LookingAfterYouToo. It is available seven days a week to staff in clinical and non-clinical roles and is provided by skilled and experienced coaches. Details are at https://people.nhs.uk/lookingafteryoutoo/


  • Health, wellbeing and personal resilience

    • Free access to wellbeing apps for all NHS staff

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Preserving and protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of staff is critical for NHS organisations as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. NHS Employers have provided a range of valuable resources which can be access via this link

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Mental Health Crisis & Mental Health Services, Emotional & Practical Support, Counselling and Bereavement Support Services for Adults, Children and Families. To discover information about these services, please follow the link below. Please note that the services are all included in the same document. In order to view all services, please switch between sheets by using the tabs at the bottom of the document

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Please follow the link below to access the Our Dorset COVID-19 Bereavement support guidance

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during and after Lockdown

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Mental Health in Times of Lockdown

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Free emotional wellbeing resources for NHS staff

               Click here to find out more >>

    • How NHS Staff can Avoid Burnout during the COVID-19 Crisis

               Click here to find out more >>

    • GPs have access to Practionerhealth.nhs.uk as well, for dedicated support
    • Resilience in uncertain and challenging times – recorded webinar from Beyond the Barriers and Olympian Anna Hemmings. Please follow the link below to access the webinar. Password: Resilience2020

               Click here to find out more >>         

    • Free wellbeing support helpline for NHS staff at 0300 131 7000, available from 7.00 am – 11.00 pm seven days a week, providing confidential listening from trained professionals and specialist advice – including coaching, bereavement care, mental health and financial help
    • A 24/7 text alternative to the above helpline – simply text FRONTLINE to 85258
    • Online peer to peer, team and personal resilience support for NHS Staff, including through Silver Cloud, and free mindfulness apps including Unmind,  Headspace Sleepio and Daylight
    • The Primary Care Training Hub Coaching Faculty is offering additional support in the form of coaching sessions specifically focused on well-being and personal resilience for all Primary Care colleagues.  All coaching is confidential and provided on a 1:1 basis.  If you are interested in accessing this support, please contact the Primary Care Training Hub Team at traininghub@ourdorset.nhs.uk
    • The Our Dorset wellbeing plan for COVID-19 includes an overview of the offerMental wellbeing self-care during COVID-19Leading teams through COVID-19 and Dealing with stress
    • Please use the following link to sign up for Caring for the Carers, a model of wellbeing support for frontline staff working in various settings during the COVID-19 pandemic

               Click here to find out more >>

    • To maximise the potential for positive change in the community, Live Well Dorset (LWD) offers training in Health, Wellbeing and Behaviour Change. The sessions are designed to firstly support delegates with their own wellbeing, but additionally to develop the skills needed to promote health and wellbeing amongst co-workers and service-users. To find out more, please follow the link below.

  • Please use the following link to access the NHS COVID-19 guidance for Primary Care.

    Click here to find out more >>
  • Guidance on recruitment, pay, leave and disruption to normal working

    • Please use the following link to access the document that has been produced to give Primary Care Networks and GP Practices guidance on how to deal with the evolving and unprecedented HR/Workforce related situations related to COVID-19. Please note that it is generic guidance and should be locally applied.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Please use the following link to access the COVID-19 Advice and Guidance on deploying workforce.

               Click here to find out more>>

    • Please use the following link to access the document that has been produced to support the assessment and development of an action plan for staff with underlying health conditions.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Please use the following link to access the Coronavirus Isolation Note Service, a new temporary service that has been developed to provide evidence for employed people advised to self-isolate through Coronavirus.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Please use the following link to access the national guidance regarding schools and key workers.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • To access the guidance relating to school closures, please use the link below.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Please use the following link to access information regarding temporary measures from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Clinical Negligence indemnity in response to coronavirus.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Government announces relaxation to rules on carrying over annual leave.

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Coronavirus (COVID-19): health, care and volunteer workers parking pass and concessions.

               Click here to find out more >>

    Should you have any questions or concerns not covered by this guidance, please use the HR Advice Email Helpline below.

  • If you are looking for ways to mobilise your teams within/across PCNs, set up rotas for new teams such as visiting teams or hot sites/cold sites, the Our Dorset Passport (powered by Lantum) is 100% free and could be the answer you’re looking for.  Speak to one of our team today to find our more.

    Please use the following link to access a great example of how digital staffing platforms can support the setup of hot hubs.

    Click here to find out more >>
  • HR Advice Email / Helpline


    Central HR advice email address with trained and experienced HR advisors to provide you with advice and guidance to your COVID-19 related workforce issues such as pay, absence, disruption to normal working

    Email or phone call response within 4 hours Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8am and 5pm

  • All agencies in Dorset and nationally are working together to take all the necessary steps to contain and delay the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to ensure we are well prepared for increases in cases across Dorset.

    To help, we have developed a framework for our health and care partners to access additional and reciprocate workforce related assistance in response to fluctuating organisational demand during the COVID-19 period.  This support is likely to include temporary recruitment and redeployment of staff, training, health and wellbeing and staff accommodation support.

    This framework is intended to sit alongside the business continuity arrangements taking place within your own organisations. The framework provides a second tier approach to coordinating the temporary recruitment and deployment of defined cohorts of staff (see below) as well as facilitating workforce related mutual support and signposting to national advice and guidance.

    This framework extends to all NHS organisations and GP Practices across Dorset. Discussions are underway with Local Councils and independent care home providers across Dorset about which elements of the framework compliment the work they are doing.

    Click here to find out more >>
  • Returners, Increasers and students/trainees

    • Returners are people who have previously worked for the NHS, such as Doctors, Nurses and AHPs, who have left practice but wish to return to support the COVID-19 situation.  There are national and local campaigns underway

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Increasers are people who currently work within the NHS and wish to increase the number of sessions/hours they undertake in order to support the COVID-19 situation.  Anyone interested in increasing their hours to provide this support should email contact@joinourdorset.nhs.uk
    • Undergraduates – Work is underway to support the national campaign for Nursing students and locally to identify opportunities for medical students

               Click here to find out more >>

    • GP Trainees and F2 Doctors – In Dorset, a collaborative decision between Wessex Deanery, Foundation Clinical Supervisors and GP Trainers was made to ensure the doctors were supporting the system where their current skills and experience would have maximum impact.  This decision was to ensure all F2 Doctors were in an acute trust and temporarily suspend rotations.  Those currently in an acute setting will remain in their current rotation and those currently in General Practice will move back to the post they rotated out of.  All GP trainees who are in GP posts are to remain in their current posts and all GP trainees who are in hospital posts are also to remain in their current posts.  These doctors do not rotate posts until August and this will be reviewed closer to the time

  • Accommodation arrangements

    • NHS England and NHS Improvement have established a single process for NHS staff to secure accommodation at hotels within their immediate area, if they have been affected by COVID-19 in some way

               Click here to find out more >>

    • New hotel booking online link

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Hotel accommodation FAQs

               Click here to find out more >>

  • Management Support

    • Helpful information for returning clinicians and those employing returning clinicians

               Click here to find out more >>

    • The impact of COVID-19 on BME communities and health and care staff

               Click here to find out more >>

  • Additional Skills Training

    • Verification of Death Training for Registered Nurses

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Guidance for the removal of (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE)

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Instructional video for Donning and Doffing of PPE and Swabbing Training
    • Analysis of COVID-19 related skills and training needs and PCN Champion level training
    • Location and venue provided for such training and coordination and management of training at PCN level
    • NB Medical have produced a free on-demand webinar that you can watch in your own time. It includes the essentials of what you really need to know to safely and effectively manage COVID-19. It is broken down into 3 modules, each lasting approx. 30 minutes to give 1.5 hours of CPD

               Click here to find out more >>

    • The Deteriorating Patient: Assessment, Recognition And Management course is available online, it’s free of charge and is aimed at NHS health care workers who need to understand how to recognise and intervene with a patient whose physical condition deteriorates. The learning and teaching materials are supported by a drama that unfolds over six episodes, and follows the journey of Mr. Gary Mitchell as he becomes ill but goes on to recover. At the end of the course you can print out your certificate of attendance

               Click here to find out more >>

  • Profession Specific Advice & Guidance

    • Urgent and Emergency Musculoskeletal Conditions Requiring Onward Referral

               Click here to find out more >>

    • Information & support for nurses working within General Practice during COVID-19

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