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Welcome to our Coaching Faculty page

The Primary Care Workforce Centre has established a Coaching Faculty to offer coaching and mentoring across Dorset.

  • ‘I wasn’t sure what to expect from GP coaching when I expressed an interest.  But I felt that anything was worth a go if it might help me come to terms with my career. As it turned out, it has felt more like coming to terms with myself.

    For me, coaching sessions have been a precious and valuable space to be challenged to reflect on myself and my priorities, and to take ownership of my life and career. When I expressed an interest originally, I felt like I had been drifting along in my career, at best passive, at worst helpless, allowing other people and external factors to dictate the currents of my career. 

    However, as my coaching has progressed, so have I become more active at accepting my responsibilities for my own life and asserting my agency. I have come to believe that if I wanted things to change for me, it was me who could change them.’

    Confessions of a Dorset GP Coachee

  • Coaching and the Dorset approach

    Coaching is well established across many sectors of industry and business and seen as a key tool to develop performance, support career development, and assist individuals and organisations to perform to their best. The NHS has increasingly recognised the importance of coaching, supporting the development of coaching capacity throughout the country.

    The Primary Care Workforce Centre, (PCWC), has been developing the capacity to be able to offer coaching to colleagues working in Primary Care, and together with colleagues from all the main Foundation Trusts in Dorset and Local Authorities, we have considered the wider offer that exists in Dorset. Within the different organisations there are Coaches numbering between 5 and 20 per organisation, with a total of over 80 Coaches.

    Together with a small cohort of Primary Care colleagues we are learning and developing the skills and tools to enable coaching to be more widely available in Primary Care. All of our Coaches are either qualified or working towards qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management, (ILM), in Coaching and Mentoring at Level 5 or above. To see the profiles of the Coaches, their backgrounds and areas of interest, please follow the link below.

    Click here for more info about the GP Coaching Faculty >> 

    Click here for more info about the Primary Care Coaching Faculty >> 

  • What is Coaching?

    Coaching is a place for a professional to professional conversation that is:

    Confidential, addresses the Coachee’s agenda, usually takes place over 4-6 sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes per session, and is goal focused.

    Coaching requires that the Coachee wants to make change/s and therefore will be ready to make decisions and follow through on their plans towards the goals which they set.

    At its best Coaching can:

    • Re-boot your passion for what you are doing
    • Facilitate your decision making at crossroad points in your career
    • Help identify your key priorities
    • Develop your capacity to take on new roles and responsibilities
    • Provide a safe place where you can discuss what makes you tick, and refresh your vision for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities

    Coaching is not:

    • An assessment tool, used for performance management
    • A route for performance management
    • Necessary for annual appraisal
    • A hoop to jump through

  • Contact us

    If you are interested in being coached, please contact the Primary Care Workforce Centre Team at primarycare.workforcecentre@dorsetccg.nhs.uk