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Welcome to our Research page!

  • Research so far

    We have embarked upon a number of research opportunities since we were established in April 2016 with most fitting into the categories of problem solving and evaluative research.  Some of our work has also focused on academic research and led to publications locally and nationally.

    Research underpins a lot of the work we do and helps us to fully understand the challenges we face.  In addition to this there is a lot of learning we can take and share from our research to help make improvements to Healthcare locally and further afield.

    Examples of research we’ve undertaken so far include:

    • Destination research (GP Trainees and NQGP)
    • Training needs analysis for Practice Managers
    • Provision of training placements/attachments in general practice
    • Why do GP Locums choose to locum?
    • Clinical / Medical research undertaken in Dorset
    • Maternity / (Shared) Parental Leave – Impact on employers and individuals

  • Getting involved in research

    There are many benefits to being involved in clinical research as a practice and as an individual.  From research grants to standing out as an employer there are many reasons to get involved.

    To find out more please contact us.

  • Enhancing Primary Care through Research and Innovation: Wednesday 22nd November

    This event is free of charge and funded by us. It is an opportunity to share and showcase the innovative research and quality improvement projects that are enhancing primary care across Dorset.

    In addition to our guest speakers, we would like to hear from you and invite you to share any research undertaken or ongoing through poster presentations.

    For more information regarding the event, please follow the link below.

    Click here to find out more >>