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Welcome to our page for Physician Associates!

If you are a physician associate and are interested in working in primary care, we believe there will be something of interest for you on this page (if there isn’t please tell us what you’d like to see here).

  • What is a Physician Associate?

    Physician Associate (formerly known as Physician Assistant) is a rapidly growing healthcare role in the UK, working alongside GPs and doctors and surgeons in hospitals.

    Physician Associates support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. They are trained to perform a number of roles including: taking medical histories, performing examinations, analysing test results, and diagnosing illnesses under the direct supervision of a doctor.

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  • Physician Associates in Dorset

    We have worked collaboratively with our NHS partners in primary, secondary and community care to establish a Physician Associate training programme that provides Dorset’s healthcare system with new and valuable members of the workforce. The Msc Physician Associate Course is run by Bournemouth University.

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    Are you an NHS employer in Dorset interested in finding out how you can support and/or benefit from this new programme?

    Or maybe you’re interested in recruiting Physician Associates?

    Are you interested in training to become a Physician Associate?

    Please contact us to find out more.

  • The Faculty of Physician Associates provides professional support to physician associates across the UK. Members of the FPA are part of a professional membership body campaigning for progress and change in the profession, offering advice to the government, and taking part in national debates on medical, clinical and public health issues. For information please access their website:


    For further information, we have created a guide on Physician Associates in General Practice. This can be found by following the link below to our resources and publications page.

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