Primary Care Coaching Faculty

Dr Patrick Seal  

I have worked full-time in General Practice for the past 28 years, as a partner in a large practice with 15 partners, several salaried GP colleagues, and a list size now over 32,000 patients. I have been a GP trainer for over 20 years, was on the LMC for 8 years, and PBC then Poole Central Locality lead for over 10 years.

In 2016 I joined a cohort of 10 GPs from across southern England for the second round of NHS training for GP coaches, specifically ‘Executive coaching’. This was an area of personal interest, and for the completion of ILM5 I offered some coaching primarily to ‘First 10 year GPs’. The experience not only confirmed that coaching can bring something extra over and above Appraisal, but that it was something that I enjoyed and was keen to continue. Coaching is about change, and for those who are keen to be engaged in change, be it in their career and professional life or as part of the wider system in which they are working, then Executive coaching has much to offer. The coaching sees Coachee as having inner resourcefulness and seeks to enable the Coachee to find their answers to their questions.

In 2022 I completed ILM7 for working as a Coach supervisor which has the clear aspiration to ensure critical evaluation of coaching and its role as it applies to system change.

Dr Paula Barrett

Providing the space, time and focus to explore and enhance career and personal development with a Coachee is a relatively new but exciting experience for me. Being a coach is a great chance to use the breadth of my 25 years clinical experience to support and develop others in our profession. I have worked as a GP for over 20 years as a partner, salaried and locum GP. I have been an undergraduate seminar leader for medical students for 15 years and act as a Champion Clinical examiner for the University of Southampton. I have also been a Foundation year 2 GP trainer.

Offering coaching to GPs is, for me, another much needed way in which I can contribute to others’ professional and personal wellbeing. How often do we actively use our skills to enhance the experience of our colleagues in increasingly challenging circumstances? I hope to offer my peers this service to enhance both clarity and vision in their goals and actions.

Dr Tamsin Betts

I am a qualified doctor and trained yoga teacher. I run my own business coaching professionals and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I worked as a GP for several years, before initially deciding to take a career break in order to bring up my young family.  I have retained strong links with the NHS and am married to a practising GP. I am fully aware of the stresses that working within the NHS can bring.  I can also see how rewarding and fulfilling it can be in the right circumstances.

I have a keen interest in health, well-being and nutrition. I recognise the importance of physical and emotional well-being to enable us to perform at our best on a professional and personal level.

As a coach, I offer people time and space to reflect on their situation and empower them to make positive change by setting goals that align with their personal values.

I strongly believe that coaching can stimulate professional enthusiasm, interest and motivation, whilst creating a greater sense of overall well-being.

I attained ILM 7 in coaching in mentoring in 2019 and have coached numerous medical and non medical individuals since then. I also work as a case manager with the Wessex Professional Support Unit and help to run the career coaching department there. I have a PG cert in career development and a ILM 7 in coaching supervision

Dr Helen Gutteridge

I am a GP, a coach, a mentor and appraiser.I am also a lead GP for the Bournemouth Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre. I have lived and worked in and around Poole for over 20 years. I have had a number of different GP roles and understand the challenges in balancing career, bringing up a young family and trying to look after one’s own emotional and physical well being.
I passionately believe coaching can give people the time, space and opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.

I have been a GP for over 20 years. I am currently a GP locum, as well as a lead GP for the Urgent Treatment Centre at Bournemouth Hospital. I have been coaching GPs as part of the GP faculty for Dorset Primary Care Workforce for the last 18 months. I have been a salaried GP and a GP partner so have acquired a broad knowledge of many of the challenges and rewards that the NHS can offer.

I have coached GPs as part of the GP faculty for Dorset Primary Care Workforce for the last 18 months. I also offer coaching as part of my role as a lead GP in the Urgent Care service.

Dr Kate Szymankiewicz

Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to work out how to get the best from yourself and of life.I’m a GP and a busy mum of 3, so know how challenging work-life balance can be and have enjoyed the benefits of coaching myself. I am excited by the new opportunity for offering mentoring to newly qualified GPs – something I wish I’d had access to!

I have been a GP in Dorset for 10 years, as a salaried and subsequently GP retainer.
I have spent the last 18 months working as a GP locum, following a 6 month sabbatical in 2018/2019 volunteering in a hospice in Tanzania. We have recently moved over the border into Wiltshire and I have started a new salaried post in Salisbury.
I have an ongoing passion for Global Health and am the co-founder of the charity SWIFTSS which supports medical training in Tanzania.

I have enjoyed my ILM5 training in coaching and mentoring. I have been supporting coachees for almost 3 years now. It continues to be a pleasure to help colleagues make time to focus on themselves.

Dr Nazia Kausar 

I am able to coach or mentor clinical and non-clinical staff both within the NHS and outside, so allow me to coach you to be the best you can be.
Coaching is a passion for me, as I have first hand seen the difference it can make. I often use coaching techniques with my patients too.
To date I have coached receptionists, HCAs, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, doctors and entrepreneurs including CEOs of multiple businesses, and am happy to coach anyone, both clinical and non-clinical.

I was born and raised in London, reading Medicine at St Georges University of London.
I started GP training in Harrow in London then got married and moved to Coventry. I then worked as a Salaried GP in Rugby, and have since moved multiple times around the UK due to my husband’s work commitments. I have had to learn to become adaptable and integrate into each new area, which has enabled me to be the resilient person I am today. I have the MBBS, MRCGP, DCH, DRCOG, DFSRH and ILM 7 qualifications.

I have been coaching for a few years, and continued coaching through lockdown. I have coached numerous people, from a wide variety of settings and backgrounds, each with their individual needs. I have achieved the globally recognised Institute of Leadership and Management executive coaching qualification ILM 7, giving me the tools to be able to coach anyone from the top or the bottom of a business or a team.

Dr Fiona Walker

I strongly believe Mentoring/ Coaching is not ‘remedial therapy’: it is a valuable tool which can help you survive, thrive, balance all the demands of modern life and live life the way you want to.    All extremely important when working in General Practice at the moment.

As a previous GP Trainer, now Tutor and having worked as a Partner, Salaried and Locum in various part of the UK I have experience of all sorts of different roles and practices.  I also worked in Australia and have done some locum work in Scotland.  Along with coaching tools, I find this experience helps people find the right path for them and I love seeing ‘light bulb moments’ when self awareness or a new approach is recognised.  Similar to when I was a ski instructor and a new skill was learned and mastered.

I have the ILM- 5 Coaching/ Mentoring qualification, was a Lead Mentor in Hampshire and currently practice as a Locum GP in Wareham and Weymouth.  I also facilitate GP Trainer and Supervisor courses, am a mentor with the Fellowship Programme and keep myself updated so my skills continue to evolve and progress.  If you have read this far, contact me, coaching will enhance your life.

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