GP Coaching Faculty

Dr Patrick Seal  





I have worked full-time in General Practice for the past 28 years, as a partner in a large practice with 15 partners, several salaried GP colleagues, and a list size now over 32,000 patients. I have been a GP trainer for over 20 years, was on the LMC for 8 years, and PBC then Poole Central Locality lead for over 10 years.

In 2016 I joined a cohort of 10 GPs from across southern England for the second round of NHS training for GP coaches, specifically ‘Executive coaching’. This was an area of personal interest, and for the completion of ILM5 I offered some coaching primarily to ‘First 10 year GPs’. The experience not only confirmed that coaching can bring something extra over and above Appraisal, but that it was something that I enjoyed and was keen to continue. Coaching is about change, and for those who are keen to be engaged in change, be it in their career and professional life or as part of the wider system in which they are working, then Executive coaching has much to offer. The coaching sees Coachee as having inner resourcefulness and seeks to enable the Coachee to find their answers to their questions.

Currently I am undertaking ILM7, which has the clear aspiration to ensure critical evaluation of coaching and its role as it applies to system change.


Dr Paula Barrett





Providing the space, time and focus to explore and enhance career and personal development with a Coachee is a relatively new but exciting experience for me. Being a coach is a great chance to use the breadth of my 25 years clinical experience to support and develop others in our profession. I have worked as a GP for over 20 years as a partner, salaried and locum GP. I have been an undergraduate seminar leader for medical students for 15 years and act as a Champion Clinical examiner for the University of Southampton. I have also been a Foundation year 2 GP trainer.

Offering coaching to GPs is, for me, another much needed way in which I can contribute to others’ professional and personal wellbeing. How often do we actively use our skills to enhance the experience of our colleagues in increasingly challenging circumstances? I hope to offer my peers this service to enhance both clarity and vision in their goals and actions.


Dr Tamsin Betts





I am a qualified doctor and trained yoga teacher. I run my own business coaching professionals and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I worked as a GP for several years, before initially deciding to take a career break in order to bring up my young family.  I have retained strong links with the NHS and am married to a practising GP. I am fully aware of the stresses that working within the NHS can bring.  I can also see how rewarding and fulfilling it can be in the right circumstances.

I have a keen interest in health, well-being and nutrition. I recognise the importance of physical and emotional well-being to enable us to perform at our best on a professional and personal level.

As a coach, I offer people time and space to reflect on their situation and empower them to make positive change by setting goals that align with their personal values.

I strongly believe that coaching can stimulate professional enthusiasm, interest and motivation, whilst creating a greater sense of overall well-being.


Dr Susi Caesar





I am a salaried GP in Dorset, whose portfolio career includes facilitating appraisals, providing appraiser training, leading the Health Education England Wessex Appraisal Service and working to reduce the burden of demonstrating continued competence as the RCGP Medical Director for Revalidation and Chair of the Academy Revalidation and Professional Development Committee. My aim as a doctor is to provide the best patient care that I can. As a medical educator, it is to increase the value of appraisal as a formative and developmental experience that is valuable to doctors in facilitating self-reflection and planning quality improvements in patient care.

I have come to coaching through the belief that we all benefit from increased clarity about who we are, what we want to achieve and better planning for how to get there – and how to look after ourselves and our key relationships on the way. Experience has taught me that the solutions are within ourselves but that we are not always aware of that until someone else helps us to see it. If you choose me as your coach, I will bring 25 years of experience in the NHS in a wide variety of local, regional and national leadership and management roles and a large toolbox of resources to share. I am very excited about the opportunities created by having a defined coaching relationship with the continuity to work through particular challenges together.


Dr Hannah Francis





I work as a part time partner in Purbeck, as well as being a GP trainer and appraiser. In my free time, I enjoy time spending time with my young family.

I understand what a hard job being a GP can be, and hope that coaching will help me to aid others in achieving better job satisfaction.


Dr Helen Gutteridge





I began coaching in order to support, encourage and guide people with their various goals. As a Coach, my aim is to help people make informed decisions in their working and personal lives. I am working towards my formal ILM qualification in coaching.

I have been a GP for the last 20 years. Currently I am a locum GP and also work as a GP at the Urgent Treatment Centre at RBH. Before that I was at the same practice in Bournemouth for 15 years as a salaried partner.

I live in Poole and have a busy family life. I’m also a keen writer having recently finished a year of creative writing courses and am working on a book.


Dr Alex Jones





I am a GP working in Wiltshire and Dorset with a broad portfolio including several roles within GP education.

I consider myself very fortunate to have received coaching several times during my career. Coaching has offered me the time and space to reflect on my situation, clarify the issues I was facing (both professionally and personally) and identify possible solutions. As I coach I hope to offer my coachees a similar opportunity.

I am a naturally reflective and analytical person who is good at helping others gain new insights and perspectives. I have a genuine interest in people and ability to recognise other’s strengths. I enjoy encouraging and supporting people to achieve their goals and their potential, and try my utmost to do this thoughtfully and empathetically.

Coaching has been pivotal to me during my career and life. At a time of great stress and uncertainty in the NHS (particularly in primary care), I feel passionate about offering this opportunity to other doctors and am proud to be training and working as a coach with Dorset PCWC.


If you are interested in being coached, please contact the Primary Care Workforce Centre Team at