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Education and Training

Welcome to our education and training page featuring information on how we are supporting workforce development in Dorset.

  • Today’s Student – Tomorrow’s Workforce

    Undertaking a placement, work experience or taster session in a particular area or field of work significantly improves the likelihood of progressing into a career in the same area or field of work.  Identifying and creating opportunities for placements, work experience and taster sessions is high on our list of priorities and we are working with NHS providers across Dorset to increase the opportunities available.

    Are you interested in supporting a placement, work experience or taster session?

    Would you like to find out more about how these work and what it entails?

    Are you looking for a placement, work experience or a taster session?

    Please contact us to find out more.

  • Effective leadership is essential during times of change and transformation. Recognising this, the Primary Care Workforce have commissioned and launched initiatives that support managers and leaders in primary care. Our leadership and bite size programmes have been tailored to address change and transformation.

    For more information about the leadership programmes we have launched please review the programme flyers via our resources and publications page by clicking on the link below

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  • Our calendar of CPD, education and training events pulls together all sessions available to those working within primary care in Dorset and provides important information about the events and how to book your place.

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  • PLT Sessions

    We have a range of educational sessions available for practice or locality Protected Learning Time sessions.  Topics include Diabetes, Respiratory, Paediatrics and many more.  Our team provide a fully co-ordinated package so please get in contact and let us know how we can support you

  • Increasing Capability and Capacity

    Personal and professional development offers multiple benefits to both the employee and the employer.  Increases in capability often link directly to opportunities to become involved in new areas, clinics or services.  This in turn leads to additional sharing of the workload and greater happiness and fulfilment in colleagues.

    Examples of this might include a Practice Nurse attending a course on the care of clients with minor illness who, upon completion, could support more of the acute on the day demand in a practice.

    Are you interested in developing your team and what’s available to you?

    Are you looking for opportunities to develop yourself?

    Please contact us to find out more.

  • Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeships offer an exciting opportunity to help employers recruit and develop new staff and support the development and progression of existing staff.

    Since the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, apprenticeships have been undergoing an overhaul and we are now seeing qualifications such as the Registered Nurse Degree being converted into apprenticeships. Smaller employers (those who pay less than £3 million per annum in staff salaries) will be able to use Government funding to fund up to 90% of the costs of these apprenticeships and larger employers will be able to use their Apprenticeship Levy funds.

    Contact us to discuss how apprenticeships could be used to support your organisation.