The Primary Care Workforce Centre is proud to introduce Career Flex, an exciting new service offering opportunities to all professionals in primary care to help start, boost, freshen up or extend their career.

Career Flex has evolved from our very successful GP postgraduate scheme which we introduced in 2016. We have taken the best parts of that scheme along with the learning from implementing it but Career Flex is available for all professionals working in healthcare at any stage of their career.

Career Flex offers support in four important areas, General Practice Role, Added Value Role, Education and Coaching & Mentoring. Total flexibility is offered to choose which areas are supported and what that support looks like. The same high quality service is provided whether support is requested in one, two, three or all four areas. We work with the individual to tailor the support, understand their wants and needs and then we set about making it all happen.

Since we started providing this service we’ve helped match trainees with employers to get their career off to the best start, we’ve placed people in added value roles in Public Health, Secondary Care, Education and Commissioning to give their career a boost, we’ve linked experienced colleagues with opportunities that add some variety and gave their career a refresh and we’ve supported colleagues to extend their career.

We have listed a few examples below of roles and areas of study that could be supported in each area, but this is not exhaustive and we will genuinely seek to find or create any opportunity.